Hardscaping That Brings Your Space Together

While softscaping includes vegetation, hardscaping includes the built environment of the space.

what is hardscaping?

To create a beautiful and effective area around your property, you need to incorporate the two main elements that make up outdoor living spaces: softscape and hardscape. In the art of landscaping, hardscape means the built environment or built aspects of the landscaping services, as opposed to the grown or “softscape” aspects, such as plants, vegetation, flowers, and trees. Hardscape can be large scale or small scale. Most landscapes incorporate some form of hardscaping services.


Examples of hardscaping include the following:
Fireplaces / fire pits
Stepping Stones / Paver Blocks
Walls / retaining walls
Buildings / structures
Outdoor Kitchens


Ideally, you want to incorporate a balance of softscaping and hardscaping services. Too much hardscape won’t create a relaxing, paradise-like atmosphere, while too much softscape might leave your front and backyard looking like a jungle. Both softscaping and hardscaping services can help bring your landscaping vision to life and increase property value, among other benefits.

Choosing the Best Hardscaping Company for Your Goals

Choosing the right service provider is essential to achieving the best results. With so many hardscaping companies available, how can you tell the right one for your project? Here are a few tips for finding the company that will make your dream a reality:


  • Read online reviews: Using trusted review sites can help give you an idea of exactly what you’re going to get when it comes to finding a provider (Hint hint: Cutters has 4.8 stars on Google and Angi, as well as an A+ rating on BBB!)
  • What type of services do they offer? Hardscaping is such a broad subject involving a wide range of services. Choose a company that knows exactly how to design, install, repair, but also maintain the hardscape in your property. Go through their project portfolios to ensure they can handle every aspect of your hardscaping needs.
  • Hardscaping costs: You may want to choose a company that offers quality services at affordable rates. Hardscaping costs can be a bit high, which is why you need to compare price estimates from multiple hardscaping companies before settling on the most suitable one.

Cutters Hardscaping Services: Unmatched, Unbeatable, Unparalleled

It’s always best to go for a hardscaping company that is located near you, since they know how to build your beautiful yard with materials that work best in your region. You’ll also save money on transportation costs and receive timely results. Are you finally ready to capitalize on these benefits?


Our experts are proud to offer advanced landscaping solutions for our valued residential and commercial customers. If you are a home or business owner searching for “hardscaping near me”, call us at (512) 461-1003. We can walk you through your options and show you that hardscaping costs are not out of your budget.

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