How Retaining Wall Landscaping Can Improve Your Home

Get a professional retaining wall design that works with your natural landscaping to improve your home. Cutters Landscaping offers high-quality design and construction that can hold up to any challenge.

In Austin, retaining wall installation on your property by a professional handscape services company is often a good idea thanks to the dry, desert soil. A concrete retaining wall can help stop soil erosion and sinkholes from forming by helping to redirect water and hold back slope slides. Retaining wall landscaping is often installed to prevent a higher slope of ground from collapsing onto a lower level. Not only does this provide protection from erosion and practical drain functionality, garden retaining walls are often used to create a terraced yard as well, protecting your plants and landscape designs. 

What Kind of Retaining Wall Should You Use?

There are many different types of garden retaining walls available. In fact, any kind of material that is strong enough to prop up soil can be used. While many people opt for the affordable but durable concrete retaining wall, many landscapers choose stacked limestone or gabion for the aesthetic. There are even retaining walls on the market made of steel plate and wood. Really, the type you choose depends on what you need the wall to do and your own personal taste. Consult with your retaining wall contractors to see what material might work best on your land. 

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Retaining walls are structures made of many different materials that work to hold soil in slopes that would not naturally occur. There are a wide variety of retaining walls available, including stacked limestone, gabion, and steel plate walls in addition to other options.  

  • Poured concrete Retaining Walls
  • Metal Retaining Wall
  • Limestone Retaining Wall
  • Wood Retaining Wall

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