Masonry Services: The Cornerstone of Hardscaping

Cutters Landscaping has extensive experience in both commercial and residential landscaping projects, including masonry landscaping for your home. We always make sure to use the highest-quality materials.

the sky is the limit

Are you looking for ways to remodel your patio or garden? Professional hardscaping services contractors can turn the area around your home into a relaxing Japanese garden, an imitation of a river bed, or any idea you have in mind. Ultimately, your imagination and budget are the limits to what masonry landscaping can do to improve the curb appeal of your residential property.


If you own the land around your home, it has a huge potential to become an extension of your living space, an outdoor home for you and your family. That’s why it is important to choose an Austin landscape company that is passionate about creating your dream masonry design.

Masonry that Matches Your Outdoor Oasis

Whether you want to add a small patio to the side of your home, or create a cobblestone alley, your masonry contractors will always make sure that their design is a good fit for the style and architecture of your home. Just as is the case with landscaping, design and cohesiveness play a big role in making sure that your masonry project matches the rest of your space.


Natural stone and brick are highly versatile materials. By combining different colors, textures, and finishes, masonry landscaping specialists can design and craft almost anything imaginable; the limit is wherever you choose to set it!

Designs with Purpose

Your outdoor patio or sitting area will  look and feel more intentional with masonry hardscaping. You want to choose an Austin landscaper who puts intention behind everything they do. Cutters can install masonry pathways that will make your lawn more comfortable to walk through and increase your home’s value. Masonry seating provides a comfortable place to sit and requires little maintenance as it can withstand the elements of nature. Each part of the design will ensure that the outdoor area of your home is more personalized.


Cutters masonry installation will not only create unique patterns and pathways, it will also play an integral role in keeping natural elements in place. Garden stairs or a garden wall keeps your flower beds in place and masonry dry creeks help direct water flow to prevent landslides and preserve vegetation. We’ll make sure each element ties together to create the perfect yard.

The Grass Is Greener with Masonry

With unpredictable weather in Texas, the opposite extremes of rain and drought are always a possibility. Masonry walkways and patios can be installed in places where grass won’t grow. This means easier maintenance and a more attractive lawn. The outdoor area of your home will look great year round. If you’re sick of dry or muddy grass, consider replacing it with a distinctive design with the help of our team.

What Does Masonry Include?

  • Driveways or alleys around your home
  • Patios of various sizes, with or without a fire pit
  • Accent walls to delimit flower beds
  • Stone seating in your favorite corner of the garden
  • Dry streams that solve the issue of stormwater drainage

Need Masonry Ideas?

Visit our gallery page to view the breadth of hardscaping projects we’ve worked on all across the Austin area.

Masonry Experts in Austin and Surrounding Areas

Landscape masonry requires talent, skill, and experience. Thus, you should always hire professional masonry landscaping specialists to remodel the outdoor area around your home. You may have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, but it takes an expert to calculate the correct sizes and proportions and identify the adequate materials.


Cutters Landscaping can help turn your ideas into reality. We are experienced masonry contractors based in Austin, TX and we are ready to help all residential clients in Lakeway, Tarrytown, West Lake Hills, and Bee Cave.

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