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Cutters Landscaping creates unique, masterful outdoor living spaces that you will never want to leave.

Don't just enjoy your outdoor space, live in it

Outdoor living spaces are areas in your home that have been created to stretch beyond the livable area – right into your backyard oasis. When properly designed, outdoor living areas allow easy flow of life from indoors to outdoors. Quality landscaping services further enhance the beauty of your property.


At Cutters Landscaping, we are devoted to providing our clients with the finest in outdoor living spaces while using the highest grade materials during the construction phase. Our outdoor living contractors and landscapers believe in everlasting commitment to our clients, and a focus on quality landscapes that provides the strong foundation needed to construct a beautiful outdoor living space. Choose Cutters for an environment you can call your happy place for many years to come.

What Do the Costs for Outdoor Living Look Like?

Outdoor living can range from a luxury kitchen to a simple fireplace or patio. The cost for these projects will, therefore, differ depending on exactly what you want. A tip to figure out the cost for yourself is to have a realistic budget that covers your minimum expenses, and then designate the maximum amount you will be willing to spend for extra embellishments.


If you have decided to hire a contractor and want to know what your financing options are, visit our Financing page. For any other questions about pricing, feel free to give us a call and we will give you the outdoor living space costs for your project after careful evaluation. We value our customers and want to provide exceptional customer service, which includes you being in the loop every step of the way.

Cutters Brings You Your New Favorite Place to Be

Have you made the decision to invest in an outdoor living design project that will turn your space into a safe, comfortable, and fun place for the entire family? Cutters Landscaping LLC can help. We have a talented team that will work hard every day just to give you the outdoor living space design that you truly deserve.


Whether you’re grilling out with the family for dinner, having friends over for an evening of relaxation, or just winding down with a coffee and a newspaper on Sunday morning – there are many ways to enjoy your backyard living spaces. We have talent and expertise that you can depend on to design and create your customized outdoor living and entertaining space.


Although we are located in Austin, we also service a number of surrounding areas including Lakeway, Tarrytown, West Lake Hills, and Bee Cave, TX. Get in touch with us today to get your initial quote.

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