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Cutters Landscaping is a team of talented contractors specializing in the design, construction, and installation of custom outdoor arbors and pergolas for residential customers.

What is a pergola?

An outdoor pergola is a landscape architectural structure designed and installed by a professional outdoor living spaces company. It is usually square or rectangular with larger supports and an open patterned flat roof. You can train plants to grow up the supports and across the roof to provide shade while you enjoy your new space.


Cutters Landscaping is a team of pergola contractors experienced in designing pergolas for several uses in your Austin, TX landscape. You can use an outdoor pergola over a long walkway without any shade or more commonly as an entertaining area with chairs and lounges, even a dining set or a kitchen.


Our experienced pergola contractors have the ability to complete your pergola installation in a timely manner so that you can start enjoying your space immediately. In doing so, our main goal is to keep the pergola installation cost low and your satisfaction level high.

What is an arbor?

An outdoor arbor is a simple small landscape architectural structure. It usually has sides of an open pattern, like latticework, and an arched roof. You can train roses, clematis, or other flowering vines up and over an arbor. There is also the option of adding seasonal color, or evergreen vines for year-round interest.


Outdoor arbors and pergolas provide shelter, privacy, and accent your backyard and home. If that wasn’t enough they can also blend or separate different garden areas, direct traffic, and support plants.

Cutters Outdoor Arbor Specs

  • Provide shelter & privacy
  • Accent your backyard or home
  • Blend or separate garden areas, or direct traffic through your outdoor space
  • Can be attached to home, or freestanding
  • 100% Western Red Cedar

Pergolas & Arbors Designed for Your Austin Landscape

Adding a pergola or arbor to your backyard is the perfect way to create a shaded yet open environment to relax and entertain. Pergolas and arbors are a great addition to enjoy year round in your Austin landscape design. Training plants to grow along the structure allows you to further customize these elements to blend or contrast with the rest of your outdoor space. Choosing perennial plants will add life to your pergola or arbor year-round so you can enjoy your space no matter the season.


Some climbing plants that thrive in Austin landscapes include:


  • Trumpet vine
  • Wisteria
  • Carolina jessamine
  • Coral honeysuckle
  • Bougainvillea
  • Climbine prairie rose


During the summertime, a pergola or arbor can create a shaded, breezy place to cool off from the Texas heat. In the colder months, pergolas and arbors have enough open area for the sun’s rays to keep you warm. Whether you love hosting backyard parties or want to enjoy some quiet time, adding a custom built arbor or pergola is the perfect way to elevate your Austin landscape. 

Looking for Inspiration?

Whatever your preference, be it a pergola or arbor these wonderful garden accents add beauty and create practical places to train flowering vines. They create an enclosed space for privacy, add character to your lawn, and create a shaded, open place to enjoy your outdoor oasis. The opportunities are endless when adding an arbor or pergola to your Austin landscape. Browse our portfolio  page to get ideas and see how Cutters Landscaping can transform your backyard into a peaceful outdoor sitting area.

Cutters-Cutters Arbors Pergolas 1
Cutters-Cutters Arbors Pergolas 2
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Want to Have a Beautiful Arbor or Pergola in Your Space?

Just like the rest of your new backyard oasis, Cutters wants your custom arbor or pergola to reflect your personality, as well as your dream for your outdoor space. We take care to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want down to the specifics when it comes to any project that you partner with us on.


Cutters Landscaping proudly serves the Austin area, including Lakeway, Bee Cave, West Lake Hills, and Tarrytown. We’d be happy to bring you your new favorite place to be.

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