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The best way to escape from the Texas heat, entertain guests, and add value to your home is by investing in a custom designed and built pool. Click below to get started with Cutters Pools or keep reading to learn more about our process.

Elevate your Backyard space with a custom pool

Building a custom pool is a large investment. Ensuring that the company you choose can meet your exact needs, timelines, and provide the high-quality materials and expertise necessary for a beautiful, long-lasting pool is crucial. Cutters is a full-service custom pool building company serving Austin and surrounding areas.


Our team can not only design and build your dream pool from the ground up, we are also landscaping experts. That means we pay special attention to the way your space looks, and ensure that your custom pool build fits into the existing environment. From the moment we enter your property, we pay special attention to keeping things clean, safe, and in order, decreasing your stress and improving project efficiency. 


From design, to permitting, planning, construction, and even post-project pool care education – make Cutters your go-to Austin pool contractors.

Cutters-1 Design

Swimming Pool Design & Estimate 

Allow our team of professionals to design your dream pool! Our team will meet with you onsite to discuss pool plans and provide a 3D rendering of the swimming pool, along with a detailed estimate for installation. Upon approval of your design, we will create a detailed construction plan and begin the permitting process. 

Cutters-2 Permitting


Cutters will submit the pool design and construction drawings to the city for approval. The permitting process can take anywhere from 4 to 12+ weeks. 

Cutters-3 Layout


In the layout phase, we will work with our third party inspector to submit the APSP 7 & 15 forms to the city. Once approved, we will mark dig lines on your property. At this time, you will be able to visualize your new pool and make changes to its size or location before the excavation phase begins. 

Cutters-4 Excavation Forms

Excavation, Forms, & Rebar 

Once the layout phase is complete, we are now ready to excavate. We will use heavy equipment to dig out your pool to the exact dimensions and specifications. In order to get to the perfect level, we will set our forms. We will use custom selected rebar for optimal structural integrity. 

Cutters-5 Rebar Electrical Plumbing

Electrical & Plumbing 

In this phase, we will install the electrical and plumbing to adhere to city and state codes. We will ensure proper installation by testing the system.

Cutters-6 Gunite 2


Next, we will install the gunite at high pressure to create the pool shell. Over the next 28 days, the gunite will cure and reach maximum strength. During this down time, we will send in our landscaping, hardscaping, tile, and coping team to initiate the remaining features of your project.

Cutters-7 Hardscaping Landscaping Tile Coping

Hardscaping, Landscaping, Tile & Coping 

While the gunite is curing, our team will prep the space for hardscaping and landscaping. Our landscaping crews will work in tandem with our pool contractors to shorten overall construction time. It is our goal to get you into your new pool and yard in the shortest amount of time possible, while still ensuring exceptional installation.

Cutters-8 Plaster 1


Plaster application is the final phase of pool construction, as it’s the final finish on the inside of the pool. The plaster is applied directly to the cured gunite, which ensures the water stays inside the pool basin. 

Cutters-9 Pool School

Pool School

The last step of your project is teaching you how to operate your new pool. We will educate you on proper maintenance and introduce you to a pool maintenance team if you are not interested in keeping up with the chemical treatments and maintenance yourself. This brings us to the end of your project– you are now ready to enjoy your new pool and backyard!

Cutters Is With You Every Step of the Way

Your custom pool exists to serve you – whether it’s a way to spend more time outside with family, adding an element of relaxation to your home, or anything in between, Cutters would love to help you discover the endless possibilities of a custom pool.

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