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Custom Pergola Design and Construction

An outdoor pergola is a landscape architectural structure, usually square or rectangular with larger supports and an open patterned flat roof. You can train plants to grow up the supports and across the roof to provide shade while you enjoy your new space.

Cutters Landscaping designs pergolas for several uses in your Austin, TX landscape. You can use a pergola over a long walkway without any shade or more commonly as an entertaining area with chairs and lounges, or even a dining set.

Our experienced crews has the ability to complete your pergola installation in a timely manner so that you can start enjoying your space immediately. In doing so our main goal is to keep the pergola installation cost low and your satisfaction level high.

Custom Outdoor Arbor Design and Construction

An arbor is a simple small landscape architectural structure. It usually has sides of an open pattern, like latticework, and an arched roof. You can train roses, clematis or other flowering vines up and over an arbor. Adding seasonal color, or evergreen vines for year-round interest.

Arbors provide shelter, privacy, and accent your backyard and home. If that wasn’t enough they can also blend or separate different garden areas, direct traffic, and support plants.

Our Arbors

  • Shelter
  • Privacy
  • Accent Backyard or Home
  • Blend or Separate Garden Areas
  • Attached to Home or Freestanding
  • 100% Western Red Cedar


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