Beautify Your Garden in a Sustainable Way with Xeriscape Landscaping

Cutters Landscaping is a team of experienced outdoor landscaping specialists offering residential customers the opportunity to have a sustainable garden with xeriscape landscaping

Xeriscape landscaping services have been growing in popularity in our community, and we are proud to say we offer this service to our clientele. Xeriscape landscaping is a style of landscaping that requires no irrigation and virtually no maintenance that is perfect for our region. 

Creating a xeriscape garden is a great way to exhibit a portion of your property that otherwise would lack the natural feature that would allow for a traditional landscape. You can enjoy all the wonders of the beautiful desert by creating your very own custom xeriscape backyard oasis. 

What It Takes to Create a Xeriscape Garden

By selecting native and adapted plants for your xeriscape landscaping, you can enjoy beautiful flowering plants, shrubs, and trees year ’round without draining either your pocketbook or our local water reserves. Typically, native and adapted plants, once established, require less water. Even during our hottest summers, these plants will continue to thrive and bloom. 

Xeriscape landscaping with gravel path, rounded stones and sturdy native plants Geometric shrubs and white gravel create minimalistic xeriscape landscaping. Delicate but sturdy plants and a gravel path alley create a charming xeriscape landscaping. Simple xeriscape landscaping with small shrubs on a bed of crushed stone.

Xeriscape Landscaping Principles

  • Planning and design 
  • Practical turf areas 
  • Appropriate plant selection 
  • Efficient irrigation 
  • Use of mulches and decomposed granite 
  • Appropriate landscape maintenance plan determined 
  • Reduced landscape maintenance 

In Texas, xeriscapes are a fun and easy way to increase the value of your home with very little effort or cost. Take a look at the gallery section on our website to get a better feel for our previous design work and help spark some ideas for your own custom xeriscape garden. 

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Cutters Landscaping is ready to create unique xeriscape landscaping projects for residential customers in our service area in Texas:

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  • Bee Cave
  • Lakeway

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