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Entrusting someone else with your property can be challenging, so we do our best to make the process as easy and exciting as possible. Before starting any project, we’ll spend time listening to your landscape needs, wants, hopes, and dreams. Once we have a sense of your vision, we’ll pair that with our innovative landscape design techniques and talk through all the possibilities for your space. Our wide array of services plus our industry expertise makes it easy to meet all your needs and realize the full potential of your outdoor space. When it comes to Austin landscape companies, we’re a cut above the rest.

Why Cutters is the Top Choice
for Landscape Design

We want you to feel confident in choosing Cutters to design your landscape. We pride ourselves on being:


  • Comprehensive. We offer high-quality plants, pavers, natural stone, aquatics, lighting, and garden accessories. Rest assured we we can take care of virtually all of your landscaping needs.
  • Knowledgable. Landscape design necessitates expertise in multiple fields of knowledge like botany, masonry, construction, artistic design, and more. We are constantly expanding our wide breadth of knowledge to best serve you.
  • Trustworthy. When a project requires, we’ll provide you with proven contractors with skills matched to your project. We set high standards to ensure a successful installation and great results.
  • Sustainable. We strategize to create eco-friendly, sustainable landscape designs that support the environment by saving time, money and energy.

Comprehensive Landscape Design in Austin, TX

When it comes to landscaping services, the location of your provider matters. It’s important to choose a company that is familiar with the unique environment of your region — aspects like the overall climate, soil properties, local building codes, and much more are all taken into account when beginning a project. Landscape design is as much a science as it is artistry.

At Cutters, we blend our science and artistry expertise to produce stunning, dynamic, sustainable landscape designs. We also provide expert xeriscaping designed specifically to preserve water in areas prone to drought, like Austin, Texas. By designing a project made to suit the environment surrounding your home, we will make sure your landscape design is built to last.

We bring our designers to you, resulting in faster turnarounds and quicker overall results. Our designers will meet with you at your home, take detailed measurements and notes regarding environmental conditions, and discuss with you in depth in order to fully understand your vision for the ideal outdoor space.

The Benefits of Designing with Cutters

  • A design clearly outlines long-term goals, the overall plan, and the steps on how to get you there.
  • Having a defined plan from the beginning can reduce overall landscape design costs.
  • A design gives you the flexibility to install your design in phases that work with your schedule – whether that be time, priorities, or budget.
  • Your design is purely unique to you, and you own it!
  • Designs built for your terrain will help plant life around your home prosper.
  • You get to feel peaceful and energized each time you step foot in your beautifully landscaped yard.

Landscape designs start at $950 for 2D and can go up based on the complexity of the project. Please note that our designers have an installation minimum of $35,000.


Choose Cutters — the preferred landscape design company in the Austin area. For more information, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (512) 461-1003.

We have an abundance of experience with Austin landscapes. View our full portfolio page to get inspiration on your next landscaping project with Cutters.

Contact Cutters Landscaping

Schedule a consultation
For outdoor projects of any size, contact Cutters Landscaping. With all of the expertise necessary to make your dreams come true, we’re excited to work with you.

Contact Cutters Landscaping

Schedule a consultation
For outdoor projects of any size, contact Cutters Landscaping. With all of the expertise necessary to make your dreams come true, we’re excited to work with you.
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