Irrigation System Repair for More Efficient Usage

An improperly functioning irrigation system can not only waste unnecessary water, but can also lead to unnecessary spending. Let Cutters help you save money, energy, and time with our irrigation system repair services.

say goodbye to water waste

As with most technical aspects of landscaping, irrigation systems require a little periodic TLC to keep working effectively. Neglected systems can lead to dry lawns and landscapes as well as properties that are saturated with water, wasting money and resources.

Some lawn sprinkler repairs can be done on the spot. Larger repairs may require a second trip, but as your irrigation specialists, we’re happy to do it. Our goal is to return to our clients their beautiful, green property that minimizes water waste, and we stand by that.

Save your outdoor paradise, and your money, with Cutters Landscaping irrigation system repair services. We have devised a system with inspection steps that pinpoint any issues your system may have, be it leaks in the water lines, control issues, etc. We’ll explain each piece and let you know how we can repair it. No matter what the problem is, Cutters will find it and offer solutions to resolve it so you can get back to relaxing in your favorite place to be.

Signs you Need Irrigation Repair Services

Most things are easiest to repair when you catch minor issues before they escalate – irrigation repair is no exception. There are several problems that can occur with your irrigation system that will prevent your Austin lawn from staying lush and healthy:


  • Low water pressure
  • Clogged irrigation system
  • Leakage from your irrigation system
  • Irrigation heads not working properly

If you notice that your irrigation system is not activating when it should be, or that your lawn is forming brown spots, it’s possible that you’re in need of irrigation repair services. You may also notice water puddling up in certain areas, another clear sign that your irrigation system is broken. If you notice any of these issues, it may be time to contact a professional for irrigation repair services. 


Irrigation system repair could include things like system restorations or alterations, field wiring repair, valve replacements, and backflow replacement and installation. No matter what your irrigation system needs to continue functioning at its finest, Cutters Landscaping can provide you with it.

Irrigation Repair that Automates Your Lawn Maintenance

Oftentimes, the hardest part about maintaining your lawn is properly watering it. Too much water and your lawn may harbor bugs, fungi, and weeds. Too little and your lawn will turn yellow, then brown, then eventually become dry and crunchy. 


The best thing you can do to keep your lawn in great shape without bending over backwards is to utilize an irrigation system. However, if your irrigation system isn’t working efficiently, your lawn may wind up in worse condition. This could mean uneven watering, overwatering, or underwatering.


Cutters Landscaping’s professional irrigation repair services will help you worry less about watering your lawn, so you can best enjoy its beauty.

Irrigation Services that Benefit the Planet, and Your Wallet

With all of Austin’s natural wonders, it’s no wonder people value greenery in their outdoor spaces. A malfunctioning, broken, or leaking irrigation system can turn your outdoor paradise into a desert. That’s why Cutters Landscaping irrigation system repair services focus on bringing life back into your beautiful lawn and landscaping while minimizing the mark left on the environment.


We strive to bring the people of Austin, Bee Cave, Tarrytown, West Lake Hills, and Lakeway the most beneficial results from our irrigation repair services. Give us a call or fill out the contact form below to get started!

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When your irrigation system breaks or leaks, it can cause devastating damage to your landscape (and your wallet). Cutters is here to help.

Contact Cutters Landscaping

Schedule a consultation
When your irrigation system breaks or leaks, it can cause devastating damage to your landscape (and your wallet). Cutters is here to help.
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