Irrigation System Installation Services

Keep your lawn in tip top shape year round with Cutters Landscaping’s professional irrigation system installation services.

keep your lawn green & lush

Nothing stands out more than a healthy, lush lawn. The state of your lawn depends heavily on your irrigation system – not enough water can severely damage the health of your grass, but so can too much. Therefore, your lawn is only as good as your irrigation system. At Cutters Landscaping, we provide customized watering solutions for homeowners with lawns of any size and shape. We design our irrigation systems around the unique parameters of each customer’s lawn and landscaping.


Additionally, proper irrigation loses its purpose if there is a significant amount of excess water being wasted. That’s why our landscaping irrigation systems are sustainable, designed to lower the amount of water runoff while incorporating excellent drainage and maximizing water retention. Our watering solutions are the best of both worlds; effective and eco-friendly.

Boost Curb Appeal with an Austin Irrigation System

A professional Austin landscape design will boost your home’s curb appeal, but only when properly maintained. When you live in an arid climate like that of Austin, Texas, it can often feel impossible to keep your lawn in great condition. With little rain and little time to water your lawn, keeping your grass, flowers, and other plants alive is a pain point for many homeowners. 

During the heat of the summer in Texas, your lawn can quickly turn yellow, dry, and dull. Irrigation systems are your first line of defense. Plus, irrigation systems are a major selling point to potential buyers. At Cutters, our irrigation systems won’t detract from the beauty of your landscape – they’ll only help to maintain it. 

Most Austin irrigation systems are only visible when in use. Moreover, drip irrigation systems in Austin are not even visible and will help to keep your lawn in great shape. They work by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, typically from below the surface.

A Convenient, Cost-Effective Approach to Lawn Maintenance

Since irrigation systems can boost your home’s curb appeal, they provide a big return on your investment. This is also true in that they are efficient and cost-effective. You could drag a hose, sprinkler, or watering can around your yard, only to risk under-watering, over-watering, or winding up with an unevenly watered lawn. 


Or, you could take advantage of the latest technology and set your system to the optimum frequency, time of day, and duration that your landscape needs. 


Every plant has different watering needs, and if you have a lot of greenery in your space, it can be hard to keep track. A professionally installed irrigation system in Austin will put this all on auto-pilot. We can find a system that is tailored to fit your specific property. 

With an automated watering system like Cutter’s Austin irrigation, you’ll be able to reap benefits such as the following:


  • Save time and money
  • Boost curb appeal
  • Reduce weeds, pests, plant diseases, and fungi
  • Enjoy your lawn to the fullest

Bring Your Lawn to Life with Cutters Irrigation Services

Trees, bushes, flowers, and other flora are wonderful for creating an outdoor space that you love spending time in (and showing your guests). But your backyard oasis won’t last long if there is improper irrigation, or lack thereof. Cutters irrigation installation services ensure that your landscape is getting the proper amount of water, without emptying your pocketbook in the process.


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Keep your lawn looking fresh and green year-round with professional irrigation system installation services from Cutters Landscaping.

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Keep your lawn looking fresh and green year-round with professional irrigation system installation services from Cutters Landscaping.
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